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Finding investors to start a business is never easy for any entrepreneur or entrepreneur. In new businesses, there are risks and difficulties that must be overcome in order to put the enterprise in the market efficiently and to give satisfactory results. And speaking of lean times, consolidating business has been more labor-intensive, so you have to keep your foot in full swing.

How to find investors today

Truth is a big part of business, trades, startups, fintechs and ventures are in need of financial help, and many entrepreneurs are not hesitant to seek loans and financing from investors. After all, how do you find investors for your business? We will see! But from beforehand I say that it is vital that the new entrepreneur and even more consolidated entrepreneurs know the route to get this support.

Finding out where the good investors are is the first step to building a successful business or getting your business back from a fiasco. There are some tips that can help you right now. We relate some facts that may facilitate, but not so much the life of those who are in need of financial aid.


Why seek investors for my business?


Finding partnerships is the best way to get your business on the rails or back to them. When you are starting out, having an investor close by certainly helps not only financially, acting as a mentor to the ideological support you need can change the direction of your business.

And for those who have the company’s finances in the red and are not able to breathe or have a reserve in the box, getting a risky investment would be a way to leverage the company and pursue growth as a goal. For those who need financing for machines and equipment, working capital loans or finding investors is also a good idea.

Establishing the market as a successful product is not easy, especially in a competitive society like the one we live in. Build lasting partnerships and have good allies, this is one of the great secrets to business growth.

Finding investors can certainly be the turn for your business.

What types of investments can I use for a company or startup?

What types of investments can I use for a company or startup?

There are several possibilities to get investor or investors, if you look you will have access to your business, company or startup. The choice depends on the size of your business, what you need to fund, how much you need, and how you intend to pay for these funds. You should choose the best one for your case.

There are Seed Capital investors. These investors look for companies that are consolidating, the term Seed means “seed” in English. This type of investor usually invests in established companies but they need to grow.

Angel investors, for their part, tend to look for start-up companies that are looking to start their business, they invest between 50,000 and 500,000 reais in these new projects that look promising.

Nowadays, with the growth of the collaborative economy, there are also alternative investments like crowdfunding funding and the peer-to-peer loan that you can use to raise funds for your company or project.

Another option is to seek financing and loans from the government. The National Bank of Economic Development offers several options of assistance, mainly for micro and small companies. Depending on your case, you can seek support from Foundations, Federal or State Agencies and even NGOs. Click here to know more about BNDES.

How can I find investors for my company?

How can I find investors for my company?

There is no mystery in finding investors to make investments in your company. First of all, you must know your company well, know well the risks and the strengths of your enterprise. Create a good project and put together a presentation for the potential investor, organize your ideas in a practical and concise way.

Your product must be of quality and you have to believe it in order to convince other investors. Trust is the key to getting others to believe you, too. Network is the key word to create partnerships and find willing investors to create in your business all possibilities of succeeding and prospering.



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