How to Prevent Them from Cloning Your Credit Card



Security is always an extremely sensitive issue when we talk about payment methods, and even more so if this is the credit card. As a usual tool when dealing with small and rudimentary day-to-day operations, but also as a financing method for private consumption of more outstanding amounts, it is very common that it is one of the most succulent objectives of thieves who do not They skimp on resources or efforts to enrich themselves.

And although security and providing protection tools to different payment methods are some of the main responsibilities of each financial institution, it never comes to that we adopt simple mechanisms that can preserve the money we have accumulated on our credit card , preventing in this way a greater evil that can arrive in the form of unpleasant surprise when consulting the banking information.

The most common and simple way to clone credit cards and debit cards comes with the so-called “Skimmer” method. This system is formed by a small device that is placed just in the part in which the plastic money is entered, and that is able to copy the magnetic strip of the cards when passing through it. In addition, in order for this procedure to be effective on the part of the thief, a small camera is placed in the cashier that captures the secret number, with what in this simple way the victim’s access to the bank account is usurped.


Tips to avoid falling into one of the most common ATM scams

Tips to avoid falling into one of the most common ATM scams


Although that yes, the danger is not only in the ATMs, but also in the establishments. There are few cases in which a store has perpetrated cloning of credit cards to withdraw the card to charge us what we have acquired. In this case, the “Skimmer” can be easily hidden from view of the client, and simply the local employees will carefully observe which key combination is pressed to complete the theft of the access data in this way.

Another danger, this time coming from the Internet is the so-called “phishing”. This dangerous system uses for its purpose the impersonation of the identity of our financial institution to ask us via email for the necessary bank details to usurp our identity and access the bank account. In this simple way they obtain passwords, account numbers or user names. However, we must have one thing very clear, and that is that our bank will never ask us for this information through the Internet and less via email.

If we look at the most common cases of cloning credit cards, there are simple security measures that we can adopt to prevent one of these unpleasant events. In general, it is always advisable to change the access code to our credit card periodically, as well as to use a combination that is difficult to guess by the thief. Obviously, you should not share the secret number under any circumstances, but do not leave it anywhere.

Another simple action is to always keep an eye on our credit card when we are going to take any action. If we see that in the ATM the card has to go through two devices, it would be better if we try somewhere else. To withdraw money it is always advisable to do it inside a branch, since the security cameras prevent any thief from installing these devices in the terminals. Another easy trick to carry out is to cover with the hand the typing of the password, to avoid that if there is some recording device it can capture our sequence of numbers. In the same sense we should never lose sight of our credit card when we go to pay in an establishment, because if the merchants do not have too many good intentions it will be extremely easy to make a hole in our current account.

It is also important to constantly review how our checking account is going. If there are strange operations that we have not authorized, it will be easy to identify them and stop the fraud. However, and despite the fact that financial institutions have systems to detect malicious use of our credit cards, if we are not attentive, they can cause us real damage. In the same line, keeping the vouchers of each operation is always a highly recommended action.

Finally, always having our financial institution’s telephone at hand will allow us to react very quickly to any unpleasant incident. A call in time to cancel the credit cards in question can save us many problems and prevent thieves from getting away with it.




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