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The businessmen can guarantee loan as a legal person with the banks. Many financial institutions offer a line of credit aimed at meeting the needs of each company. But do you know how to get loan with CNPJ from the company? There are several banks that can work in favor of your company’s cashier, that is, both to take out financial commitments and to finance future production cycles.

How does company loan with CNPJ work?

It is interesting that you choose the one that has the best cost x benefit and fit your needs. It is very variable to affirm the offered value of the credit for company that has CNPJ. Of course depending on its size is possible to achieve a greater value, even with the deadlines, resources, etc.

For MEI, the so-called individual microentrepreneur, it is necessary to bill today up to R $ 81,000.00 per year, have no participation in another company as partner or holder and have at most one employee hired who receives the minimum wage or the floor of the category. MEI also has CNPJ. Now, if your billing is higher you can also count on business loans for your company.

Where to get loan with CNPJ from the company?

Where to get loan with CNPJ from the company?

For many companies financing can mean a boost for expanding their business or maintaining the cash flow needed in an emergency or even to pay their suppliers. However, there are several loan options available today in the market. Incidentally, with so many business credit offers it is hard to know which credit option is suitable for your business needs.

To get this loan, the entrepreneur must have an account at the bank and submit a “Business Plan”. That’s the difference of a personal loan, for example. In other words, in order to apply for loans to legal entities, a pre-elaborated business plan must be carried out, ie in this plan you need to put on paper all the points that make your business viable from a financial and also a market point of view .

Elaborate plan with the destination of the resources of the credit

Elaborate plan with the destination of the resources of the credit

It is fundamental that the entrepreneur elaborates this plan with the destination of the resources of the credit. It is necessary to know whether these resources will be for working capital or risk capital. Along with the plan is also required papers and documents, coupled with the time of analysis of business credit applications.

It is possible to get help from public banks and you need to be informed about the bureaucratic procedures that involve lending to companies. Today, there are several banks that offer these services to entrepreneurs: Banco do Brasil, Caixa, Santander, Banco Pan. Normally, the time the entrepreneur can pay for this loan varies from 03 to 24 months, and with a minimum credit limit of R $ 3,000 for more. This amount depends a lot on the company and its cash flow.

Remembering that the proposed financing or a project roadmap should be in accordance with the specifications of each bank and the line of this loan in which the entrepreneur is interested (some banks have on their websites a model financing proposal). So check carefully when you make the choice with your bank.


How to Choose the Best Business Loan

How to Choose the Best Business Loan


More important than getting a loan to your company is knowing when to resort to this modality. There is no rule of what is the ideal loan for each business owner, this credit needs to be profitable, ie, seek to analyze the initial demand, verify that you will not be losing much money with interest.

But there are some tips that should be followed when choosing this mode. But it is crucial that the choice of financial institution that will be made the loan is very important. Of course the loans are especially interesting so that the company does not stay in the red and can expand or finance their daily activities.

It is important that the bank is authorized by the Central Bank to offer the loan with new or old CNPJ, with or without restriction. Remember also that the commercial loan in general can be parceled out or paid in a single installment, varying according to the need of the company or franchise.



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